Bennett Turns One!

My neighbourhood is full of so many lovely people, and Megan and Josh are included. Their wedding on our cove a few years back was absolutely amazing, and now they bring me this awesome little boy of theirs! Some little people just have a special way about them, and you can almost feel like you know what type of person they are going to be when they get older. Mr. Bennett gave off some very gentlemanly vibes, and I can just tell that he is going to be the sweetest, kindest kiddo. He also had an amazing set of baby blues, some serious chubby cheeks, and a handsome smile to boot. Fortunately for me he runs somewhat in the same social circle as I do, and I cannot wait to see his adorable face around town:). Thank you so much Megan and Josh, and the happiest of first birthdays to you Bennett!!

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Hackett's Cove, St. Margaret's Bay, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada