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Newborn Session Information

Thank you for considering me to take your precious newborn's photograph!

I love babies, and as a mom myself I know how fleeting this amazing (and exhausting:) time is. Capturing it in a photograph freezes time for us, and though we can't keep them this tiny forever we can at least have gorgeous photographs to remind us!


Our tiny babies are extra special, and hence require extra special attention!

I have created this guide to help you prepare for our session, and so you know what to expect.


  • Sessions take place in my studio in Hackett's Cove, not far from Peggy's Cove on the 333. They generally last approximately 2-3 hrs, depending on how long baby will model for us.

  • For newborn shoots I supply pretty much everything we need, from blankets to wraps to baskets to cute hats. Everything is pre-washed and can easily be thrown in the wash if it gets soiled. If you have a special hat or blanket that you would like to use please let me know! We can most certianly try to incorporate it into your photos.

  • I try to schedule newborn sessions within the first two weeks or so. There are a few reasons for this, first being that they change so quickly! That brand-new baby look doesn't last forever:)  The biggest reason however is that at this stage they are still extremely sleepy and wonderfully squishy, which allows them to be moved and posed them easier (hopefully!). They hold the poses better and are generally free of flaky skin and baby acne that can set in later on. After 14 days things generally get a bit trickier, and they become harder to soothe., though certainly not impossible. 


  • Sessions are scheduled during babies sleepiest time, often in the mid morning. A sleepy baby will allow for many more poses and set-ups. Please try not to feed them until just before our session, a full baby is a happy sleepy baby! And don't worry, if baby needs a top-up, diaper change, or just some snuggle time with mom it's not a problem. Modelling is hard work! They are not used to being held and handled and posed, so a little extra love is often needed, and I am in no rush!


  • Babies love to be warm. The temperature in the studio will be set to keep baby cozy, but adults may find it warm so please dress appropriately and be prepared to shed a few layers.

  • Dress baby in loose fitting clothing that is easy to remove, and try to keep diapers loose to avoid any indents or marks on their soft skin. If other family members will be in the photographs I recomend solid muted clothing - we want that baby to be the star of the show!​


  • I am super prepared. I have five kids of my own, so trust me, I know messes. The studio has a full bathroom (with tub) and there are wipes and cloths and extra everything. And of course, almost everything I use can be washed! So don't even think about freaking out, messes are expected:)  All of my blankets etc are pre-washed with baby skin sensitive laundry soap to protect that brand-new skin.



Please don't hesitate to tell me your ideas! I am super open to anything you can throw at me. Also feel free to let me know before hand what colors you like/dislike, what type of photographs you are hoping for, and if you have any special requests for props or poses. When choosing colors keep in mind the room you will be displaying the photos in, especially if you are going to be blowing them up huge. (which I hope you will!!). Feel free to check out my Newborn Gallery as well.


If you have any questions, comments or would even just like to chat I would love to hear from you!!


Hope to meet you and your babes soon,





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