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Jan + Sylvie, An Owl and Otter Wedding

Nestled away in a picturesque community in the countryside, the Owl and Otter provided the perfect backdrop for Jan and Sylvie's intimate wedding. From the many nicely outfitted rooms to the beautiful pathways that wind throughout the property, to the sweet little event space on the lower level, it was the absolute perfect place for these two to permanently entwined their lives together.

The heartfelt ceremony drew a few tears from the many friends and family in attendance (and maybe from the photographer as well, ahem;), with moments of laughter and the sweetest of vows. The phrase that stuck with me the most during the day was from one of Sylvie's daughters, who exclaimed 'my moms are getting married!!'. It was the joy behind the words that made it amazing, and the happiness surrounding this whole family was tangible.

There were so many sweet things about this day, but at the centre of it all are Jan and Sylvie, and all of their love for each other. Thank you for sharing your day with me, it was perfection:).

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Planner: Michelle Dunnage

Catering: Wong's Place

Cake: Trinity Frizzell

Hair Stylist: Tanya Gates

Invitations: Joy DeRoche

Bridal Attire: Azazie


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