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Baby Charlie, 7 Weeks

It's never too late to capture your baby's newness, little Charlie is proof of that! By 7 weeks babies are much more alert and interested in the world around them, and they might not want to sleep and curl up into a tiny prop for us. But their sweet personalities are starting to shine through, which I am thinking might just be better. Charlie may not have wanted to sleep so much for us but he certainly wanted to chat - he and I had a great convo which made for some adorable photos.

Thank you so much to this sweet family, it was such an honour to capture you just as you are!

Halifax Newborn Photographer

St. Margaret's Bay newborn photographer

Halifax Photographer

Boho Studio Newborn Photo session

Newborn Photography NS

Newborn Studio session

Halifax Newborn Photography

Boho Newborn Photo Session

Father and Newborn son

Newborn Photos St. Margaret's Bay NS

Vintage Couch newborn photos

Halifax Newborn Photographer

Halifax Baby Photography

Newborn Details

Halifax Newborn Photographer

7 Week Newborn Photography

Halifax Baby Photographer


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