March 10, 2020

December 11, 2019

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Ellis and The "Big One" Fishing Cake Smash!

Welp, this sweet little man and his cheeky smile knocked. my. socks. off. There's always a few minutes when a family first arrives at the studio and then again when the baby first is sat down on the set where there is a bit of uncertainty: what is this place who is this woman what the heck is going on here?!? After this initial wash of emotions I can usually win babies over with peek-a-boo, silly songs and occasionally my ridiculous dance moves, and things usually go pretty well from there. With Mr. Ellis it didn't take very long. Once I was rewarded with his first smile my heart literally melted into a puddle, and then he just didn't stop smiling! This kid smashed with the best of them, loved his cake and was 100% amazing. The entire time editing this session I was laughing and oohing over his adorable face! Such a dream:). And of course it is always awesome to meet new families and I had a great time chatting with and getting to know Ellis' sweet parents, who both did an absolutely amazing job with adding to the set and with getting their sweet boy camera-ready, no easy feat;). Thank you Ellis, Ryan, and Cindy!!!





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