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Isabella Turns One! Halifax Cake Smash Photography

Soooo, sometimes things just get too bananas around these parts (ahem, hello fall) and I just don't have enough hours in the day to share each and every amazing session. And other times I kind of forget that I have a blog and should update it lol. Let's just chalk this short lapse up to photographer's brain and jump right back in:)

This sweet family has shared their story with me twice in the past, once when big brother Oliver was much much littler, and once when this sweet miss was still in her mama's tummy (that session goes under the category of 'fall', and sadly wasn't blogged, but let me tell you - it. was. awesome;). And y'all know how thrilled I am to capture a family again and again, so when I heard I was finally meeting little sister Isabella for her cake smash I was so excited! This family is so much fun, and this brother-sister duo were so sweet with each other it was amazing to watch and such a joy to capture. Isabella was so happy and absolutely just smiled and smiled her beautiful little smile at me. She loved her cake and her brother and was an absolute dream. A big shout-out to mom for contributing your props to the set - this was a perfect collaboration and I couldn't love it any more! Thank you Stephanie, Cory, Oliver, and Isabella - you guys are awesome!!

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