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The Cey Family at High Head Trail

This ridiculously amazing family wins the vacation game. The Cey family contacted me all the way from Texas to book a session while on an incredible cross-country trip through the states and up here through the maritimes. Mom Misty put it so eloquently - saying that there was no souvenir she could buy in any gift shop that would match the memories of family photographs. She is obviously very correct, and I can't believe I never thought of it myself! We met at the stunning High Head Trail in Prospect on a beautiful sunny night. I'm thinking not too many tourists find their way to this incredible little part of Nova Scotia, and I loved taking them somewhere so unique and seeing them take in the spectacular scenery. We had so much fun (once we made it through the muddy trails;), and captured some beautiful memories of their beautiful family. All in all I would have to say that it was an amazing night, and I hope that the memories, both the photographs and the experience itself, will be cherished.

I am so very flattered to have reached someone so far away, and to share in and capture their vacation. Thank you so very much Cey Family!

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