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Lindsay + Dave - a Polly's Cove Engagement Session - Halifax Wedding Photographer

Back to the stunning Polly's Cove! I have never been to this area in the winter before for a session, and no surprise - it is stunning any time of year. It has been a particularly snowy and cold winter this year in Nova Scotia, which has left the trails an icy slippery mess, which makes for some interesting footing (Lindsay only had to catch me once ha). But Lindsay and Dave and Dominic braved the ice and cold, proving once again that Maritimers are a tougher bunch than I am. These two are so perfect together, and watching Dave make her a heart out of snow was quite possibly the most adorable thing ever. They were sweet and snuggly in all the right ways, and you can see the love in their smiles. So while we are obviously all so over winter, I am also so ready for fall and this wedding, it's going to be amazing. Thank you Lindsay, Dave and Dom!!!

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