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Ella & Family - A Family Cake Smash Session - Halifax Cake Smash Photog

This sweet family! I love watching families grow and change, and despite an extreme distaste for watching my own children grow up, I love watching other people's kids grow up. {Mine can just stay little thank you very much.} As always that first year FLIES by, and next thing you know you are staring into the gorgeous baby blues of your now one-year-old. Such is the story with sweet little Ella, who was just a little bean in her mama's tummy and then a sweet tiny newborn, all just yesterday. Now she is all of those amazing one-year-old things: sweet and adorable and suddenly her very own girl with her very own mind - just like her big sister! These girls had fun on the shore, then so much cake! I love it so much when cake smashes become a family affair:). Thank you so much Glover family!! You are so sweet and I am so happy to see you every year! And special props to my hubs, who hung up his hammer long enough to make us an amazing balloon garland. Who knew he had such a crafty soul in his 6 foot body?!? you go babe;)

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