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The Boudreau Family - An Outdoor Studio Session -Halifax Family Photographer

Little girls in purple unicorn dresses and matching converse? Um, yuh-huh!! These girls were adorable, from the tips of their unicorn horn headbands that they refused to wear right down to their lilac sneaker-clad toes, these little ladies ran the show.

I met this sweet family last year, first for Kim & Guillaume's beach engagement session and then shortly thereafter for their sweet wedding (you should see the candles in the church!). Back then the girls were just sweet tiny babes, but now they are sugar and spice, with a side of spunk thrown in. When Kim mentioned a tea party with the table her papa built I may have been a little too excited, and wasn't it the sweetest! Friends please note that I am always at any time up for a tea party;). It was one of the funnest sessions I have had outside of the studio, an one I will remember for a long time. Thank you so much Boudreau's - you are awesome!!!

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