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Melissa & Dave - A Debert Wedding - Halifax Wedding Photographer

After Melissa & Dave's epic sunset engagement session earlier this year I knew I was in for something pretty special on their wedding day. The ceremony took place on the lawn at the Debert Hospitality Centre, under towering trees on a sweltering summer day. There were many guests of honour - people who had travelled from far and wide for this amazing day, special family members, irreplaceable friends. And watching the dogs come down the isle wearing their flowered collars it was easy to see that they were among the many VIPs in attendance! Many (if not all!) of the gorgeous decorations were lovingly handcrafted by Melissa and her amazingly talented friends and family, and all of the details were perfect. There's something pretty special in that, and there's something pretty special about these two. It was an incredible, love-filled day, and I am so very happy to have been a part of it!! Thank you Melissa & Dave, I wish you a lifetime of happiness, and many years of laughter together!!

Hairstylist: Jacquelyn Taylor

Make-up: Gillian McKenzie

Grooms Attire: Moore's

Bridal Party: David's Bridal

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