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The Campbells - A Cleveland Beach Family Session

This smart mama had the foresight to organize a photo session while they were back home visiting their families! Such an amazing idea, to create an memory of both your vacation and to capture your roots - because being from Nova Scotia is something to celebrate! Shannon, Clayton and little man Lincoln chose the most beautiful summer evening, and one of my favourite beaches for their session. Now based out west - where I can attest that there is no ocean whatsoever - the beach made for an absolutely perfect spot. Lincoln absolutely LOVED the waves, you can tell there is maritimer in his blood:). By the time we were done he was soaked, full of sand and totally exhausted lol. All in all it was an amazing evening, and so very much fun! Thank you so very much Campbells!!! It was amazing to meet you, and such an honour to capture these memories for you:)

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