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The Campbells and Creasers

This little job of mine has led me down some amazing paths and to some amazing people, and I cannot describe how grateful I am to see all of your gorgeous faces before my lens, over and over again. MaryAnn & Blair and I go way back, to the birth of their littlest daughter some 5 years ago!!! I am soooooo thrilled to capture them year after year and watch these two sweet girls grow. This year we were joined by both MaryAnn's and Blair's Families, making this one big session full of amazing people. I have to admit that when faced with so many eyes it is unnerving, but this sweet family was happy and welcoming, and oh-so trusting! I love it when you all believe in me:). And I LOVE it when families come together, and love that in some small way I have brought them there. Thank you Creasers and Campbells, you are all so sweet!

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