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Aiden Turns One ~ Halifax Cake Smash Photographer

Ah, little Mr Aiden and his beautiful family came to me for some cake smash fun! I absolutely loved meeting this family. Hearing about their Italian roots and listening to them speak Italian was completely amazing, and downright lyrical. And I may or may not have found my self saying 'smash it' in Italian after listening to them lol. Amanda told me that in Italian culture when a child is being naughty he is said to be being a tiger - hence the sweet little tiger costume! And that impish little smile of Aiden's certainly hints at mischief:).

Turning one is definitely something to celebrate. As a mom myself, I have discovered that while your baby's first birthday is and should be all about them, it is an emotional day for the parents as well. It's easy to vascillate between bittersweet that a whole year has already passed and elation that you all actually made it through that year! It's a doozy, and I think that everyone involved deserves a big pat on the back, a congratulatory hug, and a whole lot of delicious cake...

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