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Richard & Susan - A Micou's Island Engagement Session

At the start of each session I like to stress to all of my clients that these photographs are not about me the photographer, but rather they are about YOU. They are about the connection, the fun, and the love that you share as a family or couple. You will not - under any circumstances or at any time - look at these images and wish you had looked at my camera more. The very best sessions are the ones where this advice is taken to heart, and this session falls perfectly into that category.

After a random wind storm forced us to reschedule our initially planned session, we were gifted with the most beautiful evening for an engagement shoot, sometimes waiting is definitely worth it! Richard and Susan might have taken the long way around to get to the island, but something tells me that these two enjoyed the drive:). As we began our session they quickly got into the (ahem) 'swing' of things, their love for dancing together took center stage and they twirled all over the beach. As they shared their wedding plans, travel ideas, and their love story with me, I was struck by how much these two were living in the now, and how much fun they had with each other. And isn't that truly want we all want?!

It was another stunning, sun-drenched night at Micou's... Thank you so much Richard and Susan, I am so thrilled to be a part of your upcoming wedding!!

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