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Kimberlea & Guillaume - Halifax Wedding Photographer

As little girls some of us have grand ideas for our wedding day; a rustic barn, a specific dress, a candle-lit reception, perhaps a sun-drenched beach. When I heard Kim mention to the priest after her and Guillaume's beautiful church ceremony that it was "everything she had hoped for", I felt as though this moment had been living inside of her head since she was small. The grand church, the gorgeous floating candles lining the aisle, the violinist and cellist. What more could a little girl possibly dream for her wedding day?! It was absolutely beautiful.

I first met these two just a few months ago for their engagement session at Micou's Island. They were so sweet with each other then, and this inherent sweetness flowed through their wedding day as well. Watching them with their two beautiful little girls, the strength Kim had walking down the aisle while her guests spoke sweet words of encouragement, all of Kim's lovely girls from Girl Guides helping and laughing and dancing. It was truly a sweet and special day, and I am so honoured to have been a part of it. Thank you Kim & Guillaume, wishing you many many years of sweetness to come!


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