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Kim & Julien - A Citadel Hill Wedding

As a photographer, when I have a couple tell me they are not conventional and want to have fun with their photos my heart does a happy little dance. Kim & Julien did not disappoint, and their wedding was filled with so much laughter! I have never been to a ceremony that was so much fun; the guests alternated between playfully heckling the groom and sighing at all of the lovely moments and words the couple exchanged. It was fun yes, but it was undeniably sweet as well. Everyone in that room could feel the love between these two.

Despite mother nature's best efforts to drown us out, we had an amazing time at the Halifax Citadel for portraits. The wedding party was up for anything, and once we found a spot out of the rain we captured some amazing images! Kim & Julien, your day was both salty and sweet - just like you, and I hope you cherish these images for years to come! Thank you so very much for sharing your day with me, it was such an honour.

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