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The Cross Family - A Cleveland Beach Family Session

As a photographer I am obviously biased and believe that photography is one of the best gifts that can ever be given. ever. I mean, I like to get pictures of my people as presents, don't you? Well Nathan obviously shares this sentiment, and got his gorgeous wife Bridget a gift certificate for a photo session as a mothers day gift. {ahem, take note guys!} Such a thoughtful present!

I met up with this amazing family at the beach one (almost) stormy evening. Dark clouds were gathering as I made my way to Cleveland Beach, but magically when I arrived the sun broke through and we were left with some stunning skies. These girls! Two of the most beautiful, wild, free little spirits I have ever met. They ran, and man were they fast! They twirled and whirled and it was all I could do to keep up with them. And when the rest of the family showed up later we did it all over again. Bridget and Nathan, you have the most beautiful family, thank you for sharing them with me, it was so. much. fun:))

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