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The Creasers - St. Margaret's Bay Family Photographer

This family is among my most loved and loyal clientele. There's something about photographing a family multiple times that really allows me to capture their true essence, for all of their gorgeous love to shine through. They know exactly what to expect at a session, are relaxed, and can focus on each other rather than me - this definitely makes for some very real and true to life images, which are surely the best kind!

This is the 5th year running for these beautiful souls, and each year they get sweeter and sweeter. Each year these amazing girls smile, snuggle, run, dance, twirl, play, laugh, and love. Each year Annabelle cracks me up with her antics and silly faces, while Mayella smiles shyly at me from the safety of her daddy's arms. Their gorgeous mama just goes with the flow, laughing and loving these wild little ladies. Meanwhile daddy is in the photography zone - despite the constant chaos happening all around him. Each year their grandma comes along too, and for some reason the best photos always seem to happen with her (I swear grandparents have magic;).

I promise you my friends, I did try to exercise some restraint and barely managed not to share every. single. image. from this session with you, but let me tell you it was no easy feat. And to the Creasers - you guys get more amazing each year. Thank you for sharing your sweetness with me!

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