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Cathi & Rob - A Haliburton Hotel Wedding - Halifax Wedding Photographer

These types of wedding are my favourite; small and intimate in my experience always translates into joyous and sweet, and this day was no exception. The guests were abuzz in the lobby when I arrived, Rob excitedly greeting them while waiting for his lovely bride. As Cathi waited anxiously upstairs to see her groom she absolutely glowed. Like really, really glowed. Their first look was just about the sweetest thing, as Rob dashed a tear from his eye at the sight of his bride. Watching them happily exchange their vows in front of their family was sweet and joyful, as was the rest of their lovely day. They were absolute naturals in front of the camera, and at times I think they might even have forgotten I was there! The love between these two is written all over their faces, and shines through in every single image.

Thank you so much Cathi and Rob! It was such and honour and pleasure to capture your sweet day!

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