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The Cahills - Halifax Family Photographer

This is the second time I have had this gorgeous family in front of my lens, some of whom come all the way across the pond from England! These two little guys certainly gave me a run for my money - as soon as we had one where we wanted him to be the other one was off in the other direction ha. But despite their wandering ways, infatuation with the multiple construction vehicles working nearby, and love of cookies, we still managed to capture some seriously sweet shots. The ones with Nana are my absolute favourite. Please, bring the grandparents to your session. Not only are they super helpful to have around (don't you just love them?!) but they also should be in pictures. Lots of pictures. With you. and your kids. Create some thing special for your children, isn't that what this is all about after all? Thank you Cahills, you were all amazing!

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