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Little Atticus - Halifax Newborn Photographer

I am particularly fond of my tight-knit little village and of the wonderful people who inhabit it, both those who are here now and those who have their roots here. I have had the pleasure of photographing many of its residents and am always thrilled to do so, particularly when it is a nearby neighbour whom I haven't yet met. And when said neighbour has the most beautiful baby boy, well, that's my day made:). Although Kelsey and John don't actually live in my 'hood, Kelsey grew up here and her mom lives just two doors down the shore, which is neighbour enough for me!

Little Atticus certainly suited his big name; I don't think I have ever met another baby who's name fits so perfectly. He was an absolute dream to work with, as were his sweet parents who were obviously over the moon for him, and for each other. I'll just let the photos do the rest of the talking... Thank you so very much Kelsey, John and Atticus, it was such an honour to capture the beginnings of your beautiful family<3

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