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Lindsay & Brent - A Bluff Trail Engagement Session - Halifax Engagement Photographer

When I hear that a prospective client asked Facebook for a local photographer and resoundingly received my name, I can't help but feel all the feels - grateful and humbled and amazed, and there might even be a little tiny part of me that wants to go jump up and down on the bed for a minute or two (ahem, I may or may not actually do this:). So to all of you, my beautiful and amazing clients, my friends, my family, thank you so very much. I am humbled and honoured by your support<3, and could not have my dream job without you!!

That is the very way this couple found me, and I am so incredibly thankful that they did! Lindsay and Brent are as sweet, adorable and loving as they come. While Brent may have been a reluctant participant at first (it was 3pm on football Sunday after all) I think he may have been a believer by the end of our session. I daresay he even might have had the tiniest bit of fun?! He did after all have a gorgeous afternoon, a gorgeous location, and - most importantly - a gorgeous woman at his side. Life should always be so sweet:)))

Thank you so very, very much Lindsay & Brent!! I cannot wait for your big day next summer:)

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