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The Walkers - Halifax Family Photographer

The rails to trails is one of my favourite places to shoot, especially in the fall! The Fox Hollow area is just gorgeous, with the most amazing light filtering through the trees, the cutest wooden bridge, and the best leaf piles going:). I met the Walkers there on a bright sunny Sunday afternoon and we had so. much. fun. Despite the fact that these kids had been going non-stop all weekend, they still had energy to burn, and burn, and burn! We discovered that Forrest likes to play with sticks (as does his dad lol), and listening to little Lilah telling her mom that they were 'Best Friends!" was one of the sweetest things ever. Watching littles laugh and play with their bigs is possibly my favourite part of my job. Little girls like Lilah who grab my hand as we are walking along might possibly beat that out on the favourites list, just by a smidge:) Thank you so much Walker Family, it was a blast!!

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