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The Milligans - Halifax Family Photographer

These three little pumpkins! Gah, the Milligan children capture my heart everytime I see them, another of my wonderful families who come back each year:). Last time I saw this bunch was when little Jane was a newborn, and wow, it never ceases to amaze me just how much kids can change in such a short time frame! Little Jane was sweet then, but dang is she adorable now, and her big brothers are turning into quite the heartbreakers themselves! This session was a gift to the Milligan's grandparents, and having Darlene and Cliff along for the ride this time was absolutely lovely. It certainly made for some sweet (and hilarious) photos. I might be mildly biased, but I think photography is one of the best gifts to give, ever.

I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am to see the same beautiful faces through my camera year after year. I am so very thrilled and humbled by you all, thank you! And thank you Milligans, you are all so amazing:)

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