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The McNeils ~ Halifax Family Photographer

I love meeting families for the first time. It's always fun to see new people and get to know new little personalities. The McNeils were absolutely lovely, with two of the most adorable littles I have ever seen. Granted, I do have a soft spot for sweet two year olds girls, and little boys with beautiful soft curls and big gorgeous eyes. I mean, who doesn't?! We had the most beautiful fall evening at Jerry Lawrence Park, autumn in Nova Scotia certainly never disappoints, and I just loved watching this family laugh and play. Big points to dad here, it was so fun to watch him playing with his kids, especially his daughter - we all love a man who loves his baby girl:)

To all you dads out there - let it go. Share the love you have with your kids at your photo session. It's not just for you or your partner, its the legacy you leave behind. One day these littles of yours will be bigs, and will be looking back on these photographs. What do you want them to see? The dad who loved the hell out of them of course. Don't be shy, it will be worth it, I promise.

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