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The Briand Family ~ A Cleveland Beach Family Session

There's something about the light in September. I'm sure there's a scientific reason for it's golden goodness; Perhaps it's just because the sun sits lower on the horizon, or maybe it's something geeky like the rays are refracting through the dust motes created by maple trees as they turn colour. Whatever the explanation may be, as soon as September hits something delicious happens to photographs...

The Briand Family and I could not have had a more beautiful, sweet, sunny September evening. Watching this family play and love and laugh (and laugh and laugh and laugh...) was so much fun. They weren't just there to have their picture taken, they were going to have fun and create a memory while they were at it:). And their love just SHINES in every. single. image.

Thank you so very much Briand Family, for sharing your love and laughter with me:) You certainly have something special!

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