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The MacDonald Family - St. Margaret's Bay Family Photographer

This family and I go waaaaayyyy back, to the spring of last year, when for mother's day Lauren purchased a gift certificate for a family session for her mother. What a lovely way to celebrate your mom and your family! Life happens however, and there were multiple reschedules as mother nature threw fog and wind in our faces a few times. Never one to give up on a client, I messaged Lauren early this spring to schedule again. Finally, the stars aligned and we managed to choose a date that Mother Nature liked. The wind wasn't too crazy, the humidity not high enough to ruin anyones hair, and the ever beautiful St. Margaret's Bay showed off with a stunner of a sunset.

These clients also came through with a beautiful location, I encourage everyone to get creative with their locations! Though I always have a few great spots up my sleeve, there are so many perfect little spots out there. Know someone who has a great wharf, a shack on the shore, access to a great field or an orchard? Find a unique place that you have a personal connection to, your photos will be amazing and unique because of it:)

Thank you so very much MacDonald Family, it was so lovely to finally meet you all!!!!

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