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The Morashes ~ St Margaret's Bay Family Photographer

When I arrived at the location of this shoot, I followed the sound of voices and laughter around to the back of the house. Though I was aware of the numbers prior to the session, as I rounded the corner I found myself saying 'oh, there are a lot of you!' LOL. Fortunately my years of public speaking (aka - years of working behind a bar) have prepared me for precisely these types of moments, and we had a great time! Despite being told they were a wild bunch, everyone behaved and we had so much fun. Fun loving families like this are what make the world a happier and better place, and shoots like this remind me (and hopefully you too!) that we are always better together. These lovely people even asked if I wanted to stay for supper, now that is what I call some good old Maritime hospitality. Thank you Morash family, you were all so awesome!

I would also like to extend a special thank you to the sweet owners of this gorgeous property for sharing it with us! The property is absolutely lovely and so are you:). You can see another shoot I did at this location HERE.

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