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The Creaser Family - St. Margaret's Bay Family Photographer

By far my favourite part of my job is watching families grow, and I am always so very honoured and humbled when I get the opportunity to capture a family year after year. I have had the joy of capturing the Creasers for a few years now, and as I told MaryAnn the other day - our sessions just get better and better every year. They also might just be some of my best dressed clients, besides all of the gorgeous dresses, check out Blair's flamingo shirt!

These girls are the happiest, lovey-dovey pair I've met, and watching them love on each other was absolutely adorable. Sigh, makes me wish I had a sister:). Top points for their cowboy boots too!

It's always such a pleasure, thank you so very much MaryAnn & Blair!


On a side note - did you know that I have a Loyalty Program? The second time you book a full session with me receive 5% off, the third or more receive 10% off! And referrals score you discounts too - Refer a wedding and receive 10% off, refer a family or newborn session and receive 5% off your family or newborn session!

I just want to make sure all of my amazing clients know how much I appreciate you all,

thank you for trusting me with your precious families!


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