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2015 ~ An Incredible Year

Wow wow wow!! I am so very lucky, 2015 was definitely Tangled Tree Photography's most amazing year yet. I cannot thank you all enough, for your support, your love, your likes and shares, your continually calling me, your trusting me with the oh-so precious memories of your oh-so precious families and lives. I am truly blessed by all of you. My heart just bursts every time you contact me, and on each and every shoot.

I really struggled to narrow it down to just one image from each session this year, there were just sooooooo very many stunning images (what an insanely awesome problem to have;). There were many old friends, and a bunch of new faces whom I am hoping to see again, this year and many following years to come.

~ Thank you thank you thank you all, a million times over! ~

I cannot wait to see what 2016 will bring, I so hope I will see you all there:)

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