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Hillary & Randy's ~ Prospect Bay Wedding

Despite the fact that the day dawned grey and cloudy, and those clouds were swollen with rain that would continue to fall throughout the day, Hillary and Randy's wedding was absolutely amazing.

That rain did very little to dampen the spirits of these two and all of their friends and family who travelled from near and far to celebrate their love. There were so many details! From the amazing wooden car they drove around in that her grandfather built to the adorable little jars of 'Nannie Connies Dutch Salad' as favours, this wedding was all about family. This is a tight knit group, and it showed at every turn.

I would like to thank the many members of both Hillary and Randy's families who were so very gracious in opening up their homes to us for photographs! And of course thank you to Hillary and Randy, it was such an honour:)

Congratulations Hillary & Randy!

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