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The Milligans, Sweet Baby Jane

This family really strikes a cord with me. Maybe it's because Katie and I have known each other for a while, and because this is the third (!!!!) time I have had the pleasure of photographing her beautiful babies. Maybe it's because my family is so similiar (two boys and a baby girl), or that I percieve our parenting styles to be akin. Maybe it's because I know how hard a road they have travelled to get here. Or maybe it's just because neither of us are afraid to curse in front of the other (can't we all just call poop by its real name?!). Keeping it real:)

Whatever the reason, this family is just so much. Two adorable boys, a beautiful new sister, their amazing parents. So much life, so much love, and so much fun! I just love capturing it all:)

Thank you so very, very much Chris, Katie, Derek, Scott, and baby Jane!

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