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The Morrisons

I'm pretty sure J and Ranelle thought that their son's four-year-old photo shoot was destined not to happen. We tried and tried to do this session, but over and over again something kept coming up to prevent it. Weather. A certain little boy broke his arm the day of the shoot. More weather. This family is definitely up there for the number of re-schedules!

But then, it happened. The skies were clear, the cast was off, and the leaves were gorgeous... And this little boy! As I was leaving he wanted to play with his mom, a game where she was the model and he was 'the girl' (aka me). He then proceeded to direct his mommy to 'move over there, a little bit more, little bit more, just a little bit more...' Haha! Adorable AND funny - now that's my kind of guy! {ahem, I never realized I was so bossy:}

J, Ranelle and Tavish, you were absolutely wonderful!! Thank you for putting up with all of my 'little bit mores', I think they were all totally worth it:)

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