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The Oxner Family - A St. Margaret's Bay Family Session

Growing up out west I don't remember fog being a 'thing' (Was it Mom?). However here in the Maritimes it most definitely is a 'thing', a thing that can completely obliterate the sunshine in mere minutes. The Oxners and I had the most perfect start to our session down on Paddy's Head Rd, the sun was shining perfectly and sparkling off the water. The kids were warming up to me and we were getting some really sweet images, until I turned around and saw the fog cloud creeping up around us. I shot furiously, trying to capture as much of the sunshine as possible, but then - poof. That amazing golden light was gone and deep inside my photographer heart cried a little lol.

The Oxner's on the other hand barely seemed to notice. The kids warmed up some more and were having all kinds of fun suddenly, and their sweet smiles and laughter were infectious. I looked around at this adorable family having a blast on the beach in their matching Chucks and my photographers heart smiled instead. So, I shrugged off the fog as they did and joined in on the fun, and we laughed and played games until the light was gone and we couldn't take pictures anymore. This family was absolutely amazing, and these two kiddos were so full of energy! If nothing else they certainly got a true Maritime experience to take back with them, a fabulous and true-to-life memory of home. And I now have a new-found appreciation for fog - it's actually pretty dang beautiful...

Thank you Oxner Family - you are awesome!

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Family Beach Session St. Margaret's Bay
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