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Finn Turns One! Halifax Cake Smash Photographer

A-Camping we will go! This spring has been a cold, wet affair, so the Nightingale family and I were so lucky to score a bright and pretty morning at the studio. The sun shone for us, the baby smiled and all was right in the world:). Designing sets is an outlet for my crafty soul, and being a bit of a camper myself I had so much fun with this one. I'm pretty sure little Finn had a blast as well! He was just the smiliest little boy, and was happy to dig in to his amazing cake. Sigh, sometimes they are almost to pretty to smash, this one was made by the talents of Cake Babes and was absolutely perfect. Finn dug in, and laughed back at us as we laughed hysterically at him, and we had so much fun. A note to cake - smash parents: don't forget to bring yourselves a change of clothes as well, icing travels lol. Thank you so much Grady family, and the happiest of first birthdays to you sweet Finn!

Halifax Family Photographer
Halifax Family Photography
St. Margaret's Bay Photographer
Halifax Family Portrait Photographer
Halifax Family Photographer
Children's Portrait Photography
Halifax Children's Portrait Photographer
Halifax Children's Photography
Camping Cake Smash
Camping Cake
Camping Cake Smash
Halifax Cake Smash Photographer
Cake Smash Photography
Camping Cake Smash
Halifax Cake Smash
Halifax Children's Photographer

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