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Jenn & Justin - A Hackett's Cove Love Story!

Alllllll of the feels on this one. Jenn and Justin were married on the shore in Hackett's Cove, at Jenn's family wharf. As the guests began arriving the sun began to peek out from behind the clouds after threatening showers all day. The trees stretched above to form a canopy that seemed to hold so much happiness in. A hummingbird whirred about. And the JOY, oh my god the JOY! It literally radiated off these two, and the whole crowd was infused it. Each and every single face that I turned my camera towards was smiling, and not just little smiles or even medium ones, but big i'm-smiling-so-hard-i-can't-even-stand-it smiles. There were also tears, and many sweet moments where even I may have welled up a little. So very many people came together for this couple, and judging by folk's reactions, face-busting smiles, and tear-filled eyes I'd have to say that these two have touched many, many hearts.

Jennifer & Justin you had the most beautiful wedding day, and I am so very honoured to have been a part of it. It was the most touching, heartfelt, happy, perfect wedding I have ever had the honour of attending, and one many of us won't soon forget!

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