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Jillian & Colton

Winter winter winter, it's a love-hate. The snow is so pretty, but so cold. The light is so soft, but its so cold. The wind in the tree branches is so lovely, but its so. damn. cold. Ahem. You would never know that I grew up out west on the cold, cold prairies ha. Jillian & Colton hardly batted an eye at the below zero temperatures, and really put me to shame in the tolerating cold department lol.

After having to reschedule late last year, these two were hoping for anything besides dreary rain- filled skies for their engagement session. We don't get a ton of snow around here, but when we do its PRETTY, so we seized the day and braved the cold. They were up for it all and allowed me to take them on a tour of my gorgeous little neighbourhood, which even in winter is full of amazing locations. Their bright red and blue was amazing against the white background, and these two positively shone. It was a gorgeous wintry afternoon, and I am so glad these two made me get out of my house! Thank you so much Jillian & Colton, I cannot wait for your wedding!!

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