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Kim & Guillaume - A Micou's Island Engagement Session

A gorgeous couple, a warm and bright summer night, a beautiful island in St. Margaret's Bay. Put it all together and you have the makings for one amazing e-session. Kim & Guillaume are two of the sweetest people, and although they (like most of my clients) professed themselves to be awkward in front of the camera, I'm pretty sure that they did an amazing job. Almost every year I try to get myself and my family in front of a camera for a portrait session, so my dear friends please know that I feel every ounce of your pain when it comes to portraits!

We had the most amazing time exploring Micou's island. Usually I will try to get out and scout my locations beforehand, and although I have shot at the island many times in the past I have never actually made it across to the other side, the side which we discovered has the most amazing sunsets. I was so thrilled when these two were happy to explore with me, and it was so very worth it! I am looking forward to many more sessions on the sunset side of the island, and to capturing these two tie the knot in a few weeks! Thank you Kim and Guillaume, you thoroughly rocked it:)

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